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Seller name: Creative-Arts Dental Laboratory
Seller Country : Slovakia
Date of Join : 07/07/2017
Shipped in : 1-3 days
Produced in: Slovakia

Creative-Arts Dental Laboratory

Creative Arts Dental Laboratory has established itself as a recognized global brand in the dental cosmetic industry. With a strong presence in Dubai as a leading international dental manufacturer for dentists and patients around the world, Creative Arts has now expanded to Europe where it offers faster lead times and easier access to clients than ever before. Combining the latest technology with our experienced team of dental technicians we are committed to fulfill our vision of delivering quality the first time, and every time! Who we are: We are an industry leading dental laboratory which specializes in cosmetic dental work. Mission: To provide world class Prosthetics to dentists and doctors around the world, so that their patients can smile with confidence showing off their beautiful, natural looking teeth. Vision: With dedication and passion for designing and making teeth that are indistinguishable from the real thing, we hope to continue innovating to deliver the finest Prosthetics in the world – a world where everyone can have a beautiful smile. Our Values: At Creative Dental Arts we believe in innovation, craftsmanship, and prioritizing our clients’ needs above all else. We take pride in ensuring that every product we produce is done so with care and skill.


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